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No Motor = Safety With No Fuel Cost!

EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer EKO Sweep Handle

EKO Sweep is wheel driven which rotates the brushes that pick up anything in its path. Because it is not motor operated, there are no fuel costs and it produces very little noise. It is safe for all and it can be used around your animals while they are still in their paddocks.

Smoother "Groomed" Paddocks.

EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer EKO Sweep - Paddock Groomer

EKO Sweep quietly collects horse and farm animal manure, removes small debris from your paddocks such as leaves, small stones, weed blooms and trash simply by driving over them while simultaneously breaking up loose dirt clods, which are commonly formed in horse paddocks. Conversely in regions with soil born pathogens the brushes can be set to collect the manure, weed blooms and debris from the grasses without disturbing the soil. Either way over time, the EKO Sweep creates a smoother, greatly improved appearance and functionality of the paddocks and grounds.

Strong Yet Simple Construction.

EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer

The entire body and collection tray of the EKO Sweep is made of very strong, durable, weather resistant plastic which will not rust or rot and is very robust for use in all outdoor and farm type settings. Quality stainless steel tow bar and fittings, combined with industrial standard road sweeper brushes, results in very little maintenance or care. Optimal performance simply requres occasional oiling the chain and hosing down the collection tray and brushes to keep them clean and debris free.

1) Full zinc dipped steel chassis
2) Polyethylene body, No Rust
3) Floating tow-bar allows the brush to follow the land contour
4) Wheel protects brush assembly from obstructions such as tree roots or rocks
5) Easy slide out tray for dumping
6) Lid on top enables the operator to load difficult to reach piles or trash
7) Standard 1 7/8 inch ball towbar, 2 inch (50mm) optional

Lightweight, Easily Towed and Maneuvered!

EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer

Due to its relatively light weight construction, combined with simple spring mechanism and height adjustments, the EKO Sweep is easily towed by an ute, quad or even a ride-on mower. It can be used on flat paddocks, hills or undulating ground conditions. Whatever your terrain, if you can drive there safely, the EKO Sweep will follow!

Dump the Contents of the Collection Tray Anywhere!

EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer - Tray EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer - Tray Removal
EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer XL - dump EKO Sweep Paddock Groomer XL - Dump

EKO Sweep collects manure, debris and trash into an easy, removable tray in the MK2 that is very similar to a lawn-mower catcher while the XL uses a clam shell bottom dump system.
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